We are the fourth generation of a family who has, for nearly 100 years, cultivated a passion for an antique tradition: the butchering craft.

Our paternal great-grandfather originally opened the Damini bottega in the 1920s in San Giovanni Ilarione. It was in this very place, situated on the Veronese hillsides, that our story began. Each week our grandparents ventured to the small local farmers of the area to “pay visit” to the animals that they had witnessed be born. At that time, breed classification of steeds didn’t exist: the experience, intuition and fundamentally strong relationship with the breeders always rewarded the choice of the best product. Following, there was a long bargaining, closed with a unique extending of hands, stronger and more powerful than any written contract. It was an indissoluble pact, regulated by a single principle: respect for the given word.

From the beginning the name Damini is synonymous with earnestness, respect and quality. Even today our way of working is like it was in times past: like our grandfathers and parents taught us, we have tried endlessly and successfully to find “our” breeders, champions of meat, that breed with healthy, natural alimentation, attentive to the wellbeing of the animals with minor intervention and control. This is the way we like it; and this is how it is done!