The rich gastronomic space with fresh products, items for take-away made by Damini, and a gigantic counter of Italian and international salamis and cheeses, provide irresistible temptation for passionate fans.

The shelves of the Bottega are gluttonous archives stocked with the bountiful discoveries of research in products of excellence. The meticulous selection of an inexhaustible heritage goes beyond mere “exposure.” Damini products uphold criteria of undisputed and personally tested quality, each bearing the lineage of a specific meeting, origin, and human interaction with small producers or commercial enterprises, alike.

From delicacies like bread from Eugenio Pol and Matera, durum wheat pasta, spelt and kamut pasta, rice, flours, barley, extra-virgin olive oil, tomato sauces and many other organic products, salts, spices, aromatic herbs, wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar, jams, honeys, mustards, pickled vegetables and fish, tea, herbal infusions, coffee from the Torrefazione Giamaica in Verona, a wide selection of biscuits, cakes, homemade sweets, and countless types of chocolate, a rich selection of rum, whisky and spirits… a collection of treats waiting to be discovered!

Ample space is reserved to the enoteca, a wine selection boasting over 1000 labels, from well-known producers to local selections and niche, natural wineries, along with an eclectic section dedicated to champagne.